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For the past 50 years, the world of dentistry has gone through groundbreaking changes in technology and implementation. The increasing awareness of good dental health has compelled dentists all over the world to look into preventive measures instead of the traditional practice of preparing for repair. The WDA (World Dental Association) now encourages people to go for dental checkups even if they do not need to get their teeth fixed.

Awareness Of Preventive Dentistry

Dental Organizations worldwide are supporting the methods of preventive dentistry to ensure that people are safeguarded from various forms of severe mouth diseases. A thumbs rule suggests that a person who follows good dental hygiene should visit their local dentist once every six months to ensure the best preventive dentistry practice. But even with good dental hygiene, susceptibility to dental diseases such as gum and tooth decay, gum diseases, bacterial infection and oral cancer depends on many additional factors.

Visiting your local Edmond Dentist to have a thorough dental checkup may save you a lot of pain, time and money down the road. After the first checkup, your Edmond dentist must suggest the right time period to have your mouth checked again. However, the checkup for preventive dentistry may differ on a number of factors that your local Edmond dentist should explain to you.

Why Is Routine Dental Checkup Important?

Maintaining a good dental hygiene is always a good habit but for the best results, a scheduled visit to the local dentist is vital. So what makes routine dental checkup so important?

Prevention Is Better (And Cheaper) Than Cure

While having a routine dental checkup with your Edmond dentist may seem like an unnecessary expense, it could save you thousands of dollars down the road. Most of the expensive dental treatments such as root canal procedures and gum repair surgeries can be easily fixed if caught in the early stages, saving you a lot of excruciating pain and a small fortune in medical bills.

Maintaining Facial Beauty

We work very hard on our personalities to be presentable in every way. Studies suggest people notice your teeth the most when looking at you, which can be bad news for those with bad dental conditions. Whether it is bad breath or crooked teeth, you need routine dental checkups to ensure that your pretty face has an equally charming smile.

Keeping Heart Diseases At Bay

While there is still a scientific debate on this topic, research suggests that the plaque formation on the teeth can highly contribute to heart diseases. Due to the bleeding gums, the plaque may enter the blood stream and reach the heart where it could stick to the nerve walls and create hazardous clots. With regular dental checkups and plaque leaning, you are not only protected from periodontal diseases, but also from the risk of heart diseases.

How Often Should You See Your Local Edmond Dentist?

The answer to this question greatly varies on your current dental condition and many other additional health and lifestyle factors. While the rule of thumb suggests visiting your local Edmond dentist once every six months, some people might need medical attention more often. The best practice is to book a checkup with your dentist, let them asses your oral condition and then suggest the time period for routine checkups.

It is likely that your local Edmond dentist will give you a green signal if you maintain good oral hygiene and ask you to see them once every six months or even less. If the dentist notices plaque formation or a few cavities, they may ask you to visit them every year at least once. However, in some special cases, your local Edmond dentist may advise you to have a routine dental checkup every four months or three months. The reason for this depends upon numerous factors that include:

  • If you are a regular smoker, your dentist may ask you to visit them more often since smokers are susceptible to gum diseases and even oral cancer. Smoking also has severe effect on teeth which needs to be looked after.
  • For a diabetic person, it is essential that you book a quarterly or half yearly scheduled dental checkup since gum bleeding and bacterial infection can become a severe problem down the road.
  • People who suffer from a weak immune system are more likely to be affected severely by bacterial tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • Some people naturally develop more plaque than others, either naturally or due to their diet. Your local Edmond dentist can help you maintain good dental health with frequent cleanups.