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Dental implants are often a choice for patients who have missing teeth, those who want to improve the quality of their smile, or individuals who would like to avoid having to remove all of their teeth to place dentures in their mouth. Whether you lost your teeth due to poor hygiene in the past, or if you have contemplated improving the appearance of your smile for several years, dental implants are one of the best options to consider for certain patients.

What is an Implant?

Implants are exactly what they sound like. If you have missing teeth, a screw is placed below the gum line, and a porcelain or ceramic materials are used in most practices today. Dental implants are meant to mimic the appearance of the natural teeth as much as possible, so you do not have to worry about a major disparity in the difference between your natural teeth and the implants which are placed where missing teeth are located. Further, implants can help to increase stability, improve the position of the jaw, and help strengthen surrounding teeth which may be weakened or compromised due to poor hygiene and care over the years.

Who is a Candidate?

Typically, dental implants are for individuals who have missing teeth, those who have had crowns covering their teeth, or older individuals who have missing teeth and do not want to get dentures. However, younger patients who have had root canals, or other serious dental procedures completed, may also consider dental implants as a viable option. Basically, anyone who has missing teeth, and does not want to resort to dentures, or simply leaving any missing gaps in the mouth, may consider the option of implants to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. Before considering this option, it is best to speak with your dentist and cosmetic specialist to ensure it is a good option for your oral health. 

Why Choose Implants?

There are several reasons to consider dental implants; some of the reasons patients may visit a cosmetic specialist to discuss implants include: 

  • They have missing teeth and would like to fill the gaps.
  • Patients have several missing teeth but do not want to resort to dentures and remove the rest of the healthy teeth in the mouth.
  • Weakened or compromised jaw line and stability due to poor hygiene (implants can help strengthen the rest of the jaw and the teeth).
  • Patients who have had other procedures (such as root canals, crowns, bridges, etc) which did not hold up, and would like all teeth to have a uniform appearance in the mouth may consider implants.

Whether you are missing one tooth, a series, or several teeth, implants may be an option to consider if you would like to enhance the appearance of your smile, and to help improve overall oral health.

Speak to a Cosmetic Professional

If you have decided to get dental implants or are considering this and other cosmetic options, it is important to visit a cosmetic specialist like New Image Dentistry. Not only do you want to visit a dentist office that specializes in cosmetic care, but also one that has professionals who have performed this kind of work for several years. It is important to consider all options, in order to determine if implants are the right option for you. When you visit the dentist office specializing in cosmetic care, you can learn more about the procedure, what it entails, and other options, if you are not a candidate for dental implants to be placed in your mouth.

Call or Visit New Image Dentistry Today!

If you are searching for a Implant Dentistry Edmond OK specialist, we are the local office to visit. Our team is not only highly trained in the area of cosmetic work, but all of our specialists have experience with dental implants and other oral surgery options for patients to consider. We will discuss your oral health, different procedures you should consider, and can provide high quality care immediately if you decide to have the implants placed in your mouth. Visit our office today or call to schedule an appointment to learn about implants, cosmetic care, and the price you will pay for the procedure you decide to have completed in our offices!