Dr. Miriam Nosrati D.D.SDr. Miriam Nosrati graduated from OU College of Dentistry in 2003. After completion at OU, she continued her education by fulfilling a year-long residency at the VA hospital. While at the hospital, Dr. Nosrati received hands-on training for even more complex cases, patients, and procedures such as implants, gum surgeries, and surgical extractions. During her time at the VA she also worked in a pediatric office at night. Through this work Dr. Nosrati gained knowledge in adult cases as well as children.

Since finishing her residency, Dr. Nosrati, DDS as an Edmond dentist pursues the best in continuing education to keep one step ahead of the industry.

While not in the office, Dr. Nosrati is a mom who enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Mike, and three children, Jasmine, Nadia, and Daniel.