Robert Whitney                    5-29-15                  5 Stars

The personnel at New Image Dentistry are the only ones I will allow to examine my teeth. If they ever shut down I will probably just let my teeth fall out and opt for dentures.

Melissa Cloyd                      5-26-15                  5 Stars

Heather was especially great, and made my teeth feel especially clean….even more so than cleanings in the past.

Joe McManus                       5-16-2015             5 Stars

Dr. Nosrati does great work. She has a wonderful professional staff who always make me feel welcome and in good hands. I needed a crown and was amazed at how well and smoothly the entire process went. I highly recommend New Image Dentistry. My wife and I have been going there for cleanings and other dental issues for several years now with consistent positive results.

Sherry Hutchison                 5-2-2015               5 Stars

Lover Heather

James Thompson               4-21-2015             5 Stars

I really had not taken care of my teeth the way I should have for years. Upon first coming to Dr. Nosrati I was very impressed with not only the professionalism but she would take the time to explain everything with pictures/x-rays so that you completely understood any procedures. Great care is taken to make sure you are comfortable and not in pain and the staff there is all A+. Will always use this office and highly recommend them!

Kenneth Newma                 4-15-2015             5 Stars

I am very pleased with my visit yesterday, the Dr. And dental assistant was very compassionate relative to the pain and discomfort To the patient, I truly appreciate there expertise and efforts. Thanks, Ken Newman

Doug McNiven                     3-25-2015             5 Stars

9AM visit began at (surprise) 9AM and things were well done. Friendly folks with a nice feel for the patient.

Max Barnes                          2-15-2015             5 Stars


Cia Verschelen                    2-12-2015             5 Stars

After waiting less than 10 minutes in the lobby, the hygienist did a thorough job and the dentist her examination and I was on my way in 20 minutes. This is a friendly, efficient operation.

Olivia Gottschalk                  2-5-2015               5 Stars

Very friendly staff, super short wait, would highly recommend!!

Joshua Korenblit                 1-21-2015             5 Stars

I look forward to going to Dr. Nosrati’s office twice each year. She compliments me on my tooth brushing, and I always have a fun conversation with Dr. Nosrati and her staff!

Myrna Douglass                  1-15-2015             5 Stars

I absolutely hate going to the dentist! I had two bad experiences in a row with my previous dentist, and now I become very anxious before any dental procedure. Dr. Nosrati is very understanding and does everything possible to help me remain calm.

Maya Randall                       1-11-2015             5 Stars

Thank you for helping us this past Saturday. Your patience was appreciated due to the fear of needles that had to be overcome. Emergency averted and all is well. Thanks so much.

Martha Case                         12-5-2014             5 Stars

Our whole family has been coming to New Image for a few years now, and we will keep coming! Dr. Nosrati and her staff take great care of you. They’ll only recommend services you really need, they’re great with kids, and they’ll give you the expert care you need to keep your teeth healthy and clean.

Isaac Waters                         12-1-2014             5 Stars

New Image Dentistry did a great job making me feel at ease after a long hiatus from dental work. They worked with my schedule, they listened to my concerns, and every staff member was friendly and easy to talk to. If you’re looking for a good dentist in the Edmond area, give them a try.

Robert Whitney                    11-7-2014                             5 Stars

In 50+ years of having to deal with dentists this is by far the best Doctor and staff I have encountered. From teeth cleaning to major extractions I trust this staff to the fullest. I couldn’t ask for a better group when it comes to working on my teeth.

Google User                         11-5-2014                             5 Stars

New Image Dentistry did a great job making me feel at ease after a long hiatus from dental work. They worked with my schedule, they listened to my concerns, and every staff member was friendly and easy to talk to. If you’re looking for a good dentist in the Edmond area, give them a try.

Jerry Bostick                         10-16-2014                           5 Stars


Carol Hostler                        10-15-2014                           5 Stars

Professional done!! Don’t remember what her name was but my hygienist. did a great job.

Harvey Williams                  10-9-2014                             5 Stars

A pleasant experience. Visiting the dentist in the past was always a VERY stressful time. with New Image i don’t worry, everything is relaxed for me.

Bruce Neidenfeuhr             10-9-2014                             5 Stars

I am very grateful for New Image Dentistry. I am always treated like a special patient and am given the very best service. This past visit was no exception. The hygienist was skillful and courteous, and the check up was informative, understandable and encouraging.

Tim/Cheryl  Bivens              10-1-2014                             5 Stars

My husband & I have been going to New Image Dentistry for several years. Our experiences have always been good. Excellent Dentist and Staff I have always had a great experience at New Image. They treat you with respect and are very friendly

Carol Josephson                 9-19-2014                             5 Stars

Very pleasant and professional dental hygienist appointment

Cheryl Bivens                       9-19-2014                             5 Stars

Love My Dentist/Hygenist. I have always had a great experience at New Image. They treat you with respect and are very friendly

David Krysler                        9-18-2014                             5 Stars

Mariam and New Image bend over backwards to see that I get done what I want and need done. Their prices are great, you do not have to wait days/weeks for help, and they are expert enough to keep you happy. As close to painless as you can get with a dentist. They are great. Best dentist office I have had in my 65+ years. When you need extra work done, they present you with all your options and actually try to keep your charges down.

Cassaundra Harper            9-5-2014                               5 Stars

I have been a patient for several years and have always received quick and comprehensive care. The entire staff makes every effort to make my visit as pleasant as possible.

Michael Carpenter              9-5-2014                               5 Stars

New Image is AWESOME..The staff is very professional and good at what they do in providing super good affordable service. Seriously, who doesn’t like hanging around gorgeous people who are super nice and good at what they do?.?.Thanks for everything Heather, Michelle, Alysa and of course Dr. Nosrati.

DeAnn Fennell                     9-5-2014                               5 Stars

Always friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Love the fluffy blankets too!

Brooksley Foster                  8-27-2014                             5 Stars

Very nice people at this place. Highly recommend!

Gregory Tillery                     8-23-2014                             5 Stars

Go See Dr. Myrium

Catherine Knobbe               8-15-2014                             5 Stars

The whole team is great; starting with the greeting when you first enter until you leave. You are an individual and they know you and your history personally. It’s a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

Robert Bachman                 8-13-2014                             5 Stars

Nice People Good Dentist

Marilyn Norris                       8-12-2014                             5 Stars

Thanks for a super teeth cleaning on Thursday!

Eric Hayes                            8-9-2014                               5 Stars

Had a crown pop off. You all got me back in the following day and refastened it. Very happy with the quick response.

Steve Pierce                         8-8-2014                               5 Stars

I am a new patient at New Image and have been impressed by the excellent dental service provided by Dr. Nosrati and her staff. I needed an extraction, two implants, and several fillings replaced. I appreciate their consideration and compassion. Their fees were very competitive and reasonable.

Joan Korenblit                      8-6-2014                               5 Stars

My mouth feels so great after my 6th month teeth cleaning appointment. I enjoyed chatting with Dr. Nosrati et al. Many thanks!

Chester Walcott                   8-5-2014                               5 Stars

Awesome experience! New Image gets me in and out, record time, to get my teeth cleaned. The staff and Doctor are very courteous and professional, handling my needs. Read my review on Angie’s List!

Kelly Hunter                          8-5-2014                               5 Stars

Great dentist, great office, great staff!

Janice Hackett                     8-5-2014                               5 Stars

We have been going to New Image Dentistry for a few years now and have been very pleased. Love the dentist as well as the sweet staff. They take pride in getting you right in quickly which is a plus for us.

Penny Chaves                     8-1-2014                               5 Stars

The hygienist is the most thorough I have ever been to. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I need additional work done and would love to go back but without dental insurance the prices are too high there. They are worth every penny but my budget does not allow. I’ve been to SEVERAL Edmond dentists and this is the best one by far!

Nancy Taylor                        7-31-2014                             5 Stars

The dental hygienist there is great!!! She’s not in it for the blood, but gently scrapes away the grime and gives you a thorough exam.

Tyler Hester                          7-25-2014                             5 Stars

Even with a last-minute schedule move, I got in and out quickly (routine cleaning). Nosrati and her staff are great!

Joshua Korenblit                 7-18-2014                             5 Stars

I always enjoy my 6 month teeth cleaning in Dr. Nosrati’s office! Everyone in the office is so friendly! My teeth always look so clean as a result of my visit!

Kimberly Hetzler                  7-6-2014                               5 Stars

The entire staff at New Image Dentistry was friendly, caring, and understanding and accommodating of special health issues that impacted my dental health.

Nancy Jefferis                      6-12-2014                             5 Stars

I have been a patient at New Image for approximately 8 years. I have always been impressed by the excellent dental work done by Dr. Nosrati and her staff. Since I have needed a lot of work done, I now feel like part of the family, and I appreciate the consideration always given to my basic fear of drills and pain. I expect to be a patient of New Image for a long time to come.

Tori Arreguin                         5-29-2014                             5 Stars

Very happy with their service. They were on time and got us out of there in time for our next appointment.

Joy Crounch                         5-28-2014                             5 Stars

Very good as I followed the dentist advise for the past three months and my gums are very Much improved.

Martha Case                         7-17-2014                             5 Stars

This is a wonderful dentistry practice because Dr. Nosrati and her staff think about your health, first and foremost. Dentists I’ve visited in the past think more like business owners: they want to sell you a lot of services, and they don’t mind if you have cavities because it’s more money for them. Dr. Nosrati never forgets that she’s a doctor. If you have cavities, she’ll sit down with you and try to figure out the problem, work with you so you can breeze in and out the next time. For her, it’s all about taking care of your health. I trust her completely based on my visits over the years, and I am so happy to find that her hygienist, Heather, has a terrific manner with kids! She got my teeth squeaky clean and set my daughter at ease, too. I recommend this practice without reservation to my family and friends.

Jordyn Jones                        5-6-2014                               5 Stars

Visiting Dr. Nosrati’s office has been an exceptional experience for me from the first phone call to my most recent appointment. We all know that visiting a dentist, even as an adult, can be a nerve-racking experience. However, Dr. Nosrati has completely changed that for me. She and her staff truly make you feel less like a patient and more like part of their “dental family”. All of the women in the office are kind, cheerful and more helpful than you could imagine. Each time I’ve called with an insurance question or to book an appointment, they are ready and willing to help and always take immediate care of whatever I need. Whether you are in Edmond or in another town, I recommend making the trip to visit Dr. Nosrati.

Scott Mason                          5-4-2014                               5 Stars

I probably have the worst teeth ever, and had not seen a dentist for years, but the girls at New Image Dentistry didn’t even flinch. They gladly took on the challenge I presented & hooked me up with a “deep scale cleaning”. I was so impressed with how well they did and the price was reasonable as well. So “Thanks a bunch”! to the girls at New Image Dentistry.

Cia Verschelen                    5-2-2014                               5 Stars

This was my first appointment. I was treated so well – professional staff, clear financial explanations, and my teeth feel great! Thanks.

Michelle Korenblit               4-26-2014                             5 Stars

Miriam is the BEST dentist in town!

Kelly Sweeten                      4-18-2014                             5 Stars

Great Visit. Good Dentist. Friendly staff!!  New Image has my best intrest at heart & is always friendly, professional, and informative! Thank you.

Kenneth Frick                       4-3-2014                               5 Stars

Great Experience. Dr. Nosrati took the time to answer all my questions. Heather is the best hygienist ever!

James Irelan                        4-3-2014                               5 Stars

Nice dentist.

Daniel Bruno                        3-26-2014                             5 Stars

My experiences are always pleasant in a most professional atmosphere. Quality work performed by competent people. I would recommend New Image to anyone.

Kenneth Estes                      3-20-2014                             5 Stars

I would like to start off by apologizing to Dr. Nosrati and her team, for being such a wimp in the chair. I have a very low pain tolerance and I can be difficult to deal with because of it. On my last visit to New Image Dentistry, Dr. Nosrati and her beautiful team made me feel like (A Big Boy) I was asked if I felt the need for Novocain to numb my teeth, before removing a temporary on-lay and replacing it with a permanent one. I reluctantly declined. Dr. Nosrati assured me I was going to be ok, and once again gave me that one of a kind visit that you just can’t find at most other dentistry clinics. Peace of mind and confidence that your visit was again a success. Thank you ladies.

Kenneth Estes                      3-13-2014                             5 Stars

There is nothing more rewarding than entering a place of business and being greeting with multiple smiles, and an obviously knowledgeable staff. The name fits perfectly. New Image Dentistry sets its standard for guest satisfaction and dental perfection above all others. From the moment you enter the office till the time you exit, you can’t help but feel the positive energy throughout your visit. I know this sounds as if I am bragging on the staff and I am, that is because they deserve it. Dr. Nosrati has developed a special team of assistance that are top of the line. If you do not have a preferred dentist at this time, you should consider New Image Dentistry.

Cheryl Bivens                       3-7-2014                               5 Stars

My husband & I have been going to New Image Dentistry for several years. Our experiences have always been good. Excellent Dentist and Staff

Mario Williams                     3-1-2014                               5 Stars

Love this place! I have been going for years and the quality of service keeps improving. Shout out to the good doctor and all the girls over there. Well done!

Elizabeth Muritu                   2-27-2014                             5 Stars

They are professional and very friendly.

Diane Rice                            2-21-2014                             5 Stars

I have been a patient of Dr. Nosrati since 1911. During the time I have been her patient I have been impressed with her knowledge and her skill and the consideration with which she treats her patients. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a dentist.

Phyllene Dunlap                  2-6-2014                               5 Stars

I have never had a better experience at a Dentist’s office. They work as a team and several people were involved in the discussions of both my needs and wants. They came up with great solutions and made me feel like an appreciated patient of long standing rather than someone just there for a teeth cleaning appt. Dr. Nosrati was very through, and I will definitely be going back to her for more work. I’ve finally found the dentist I’ve been searching for.

Kenneth Estes                      2-3-2014                               5 Stars

Dr. Nosrati and her staff should be everyones first choice for dental services. Her & her staff treat each person with the upmost respect, care, and one on one service. Great people. Thank you

Tyler Hester                          1-31-2014                             5 Stars

I’ve been going there for 2 years and never had anything but quick, courteous, and honest service.

Jerry Hess                             1-29-2014                             5 Stars

As usual my visit was uneventful and pleasant….very nice things when visiting the dentist. I highly recommend that anybody needing dental work make this their first choice.

Carol Josephson                 1-25-2014                             5 Stars

It was excellent … Didn’t hurt and fone in 30 minutes

Paul Huycke                         1-23-2014                             5 Stars

It was very nice for my wife and I to visit the dentist’s office the first time. It was clean, the employees friendly and they were willing to help in whatever way that was needed. And the dentist herself was quite friendly and professional–a GOOD dentist.

Jill Sampson                        1-9-2014                               5 Stars

This place is awesome!!! I actually have fun when I go!! Heather is so nice and I love the straight forward info. 🙂

Joshua Korenblit                 12-27-2013                           5 Stars

I’m delighted to say that Dr. Nosrati has been my dentist for over ten years. I trust her abilities so completely that I’ve recommended her to many friends and extended family members. She is up to date on new technologies and an absolutely extraordinary dentist!

Joan Korenblit                      12-27-2013                           5 Stars

Today I had my bi-annual dental appointment with Dr. Nosrati. I always enjoy my visits! She has a fun sense of humor and takes great care of my teeth. I highly recommend her. What a terrific dentist!

Sherry Hutchison                 12-14-2013                           5 Stars

Heather was wonderful:)

Delores Chumley                                12-7-2013                             5 Stars

I had a slight “emergency” when an inlay came out of my tooth. Dr. Nosrati’s staff managed to work me in for an appointment the next day, and the tooth was repaired in time for me to enjoy a night out with friends that same night. It hasn’t given me any more trouble at all. I appreciate their willingness to give prompt attention.

Karla Mitchell                       12-5-2013                             5 Stars

Excellent! Looking for a new dentist and used a Groupon for my first time visit. The first initial contact with the receptionist was very pleasant, the facility was very clean, dental hygienist and dentist was very thorough and informative, then the last contact was with the office manager who was very informative. Everyone was impressively professional and efficient.

Gary Mitchell                        12-5-2013                             5 Stars

Excellent experience from the time when I walked in until I left. Everyone was very professional and would highly recommend this office to my friends.

Joan Stubblefield                                11-26-2013                           5 Stars

Nothing but the best!

Catherine Knobbe               11-7-2013                             5 Stars

I always getting treated well when at New Image. Dr. Nostrati takes great pride in doing a job well done. I’ve been seeing her for over 5 years and she has helped me keep a healthy mouth.

Robert Whitney                    11-4-2013                             5 Stars

I had a wisdom tooth extracted on an emergency basis, it was quick and painless. The dental staff are great and Dr.Nosrati is one of the best, I am happy to say I have found myself a dentist in which I feel confidient in. They make you feel at home from the time you step through the door. I will be back in order for them to take care of all my dental needs.

Abbas Heidary                     11-1-2013                             5 Stars

I am happy that I chose New Image Dentistry. Dr. Nosrati did a great job on my fillings. Consultation was very helpful. She also has caring & professional staff. I highly recommend New Image Dentisrty.

Patricia Coe                          9-27-2013                             5 Stars

Every one from the Receptionist to the Doctor was kind, professional, helpful, knowledgeable, non-judgemental and very personable. This was a first time visit and theses really nice people put me at ease and explained everything. I appreciate the efforts on my behalf. I think this is a great office!

Chelsy Beals                        9-21-2013                             5 Stars

I have had a great experience with this place. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. They have done a great job on my teeth so far. I would highly recommend them!

Brandy Krenz                       9-20-2013                             5 Stars

I have been to a few different dentist and none of them made me feel as comfortable as Dr. Nosrati and her staff. They r very honest and polite .I love this place.

Julie Nunn                            9-19-2013                             5 Stars

This is a great place. Modern methods, gentle people, caring people, knowledgeable people and affordable – they worked with me and my lousy dental insurance. I am very happy to have found them.

Bruce Neidenfeuhr             9-17-2013                             5 Stars

Everyone at New Image Dentistry are talented, pleasant and accommodating. The care I received is unsurpassed.

Carol Hosrler                        9-14-2013                             5 Stars

New hygienist and receptionist are friendly and doing a great job.

Harvey Williams                  9-13-2013                             5 Stars

I am very satisfied with the repair and cleaning of my teeth. I would recommend Dr. Nosrati to anyone.

Joan Stubblefield                                9-12-2013                             5 Stars

I was completely impressed with your friendliness, the information you gave me, your professionalism & willingness to work with me financially. I think in the future you will live up to my daughter’s assessment of you. Thank you for your help. Please just show my first name only.

David Krysler                        9-6-2013                               5 Stars

Mariam and all her staff have changed my mouth completely. ALL for the better. It is so nice to go into a dentist and they are really concerned about you and your care. Several of my previous dentist made me feel like I was going into a used car dealership. Thanks Mariam, I am glad you are in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Carol Josephson                 9-6-2013                               5 Stars

My ecperience eas excellent… Frim the front desk to dental assistant And checking out!

Michelle Marrero                 9-5-2013                               5 Stars

Heather at New image Dentistry is exceptional! She was thorough and gentle. Thank you Heather!

Sheila Algan                         8-29-2013                             5 Stars

Great visit– always accommodating!

Judy McNamara                  8-27-2013                             5 Stars

I love Dr. Nosrati and the girls at New Image, they are the best! Very caring and so easy to work with, so I highly recommend New Image.

Kimberly McCauley            8-23-2013                             5 Stars

New Image is great! Everyone is really nice and they always work with you and are patient.

Erika Butanda                      8-21-2013                             5 Stars

Dr.Nosrati and the entire staff are great. Not only has Dr.Nosrati set a stardard of professional excellence but the staff is also highly trained professionals. I can say this because I’ve had everything from routine examines, cleaning, fillings, root canals, to crowns and veneers. Every procedure has been painless, and the results have exceeded my expectations. If you want perfection in dentistry, don’t go anywhere else.

Marianne Bachman            8-16-2013                             5 Stars

Very Good Bob & Marianne Bachman

Jimmie Darnell                    8-15-2013                             5 Stars

The doctor and staff are wonderful. Finally found a dentist that puts me at ease.

Dale Decker                         8-9-2013                               5 Stars

It was fine.

Debra Hall                            8-7-2013                               5 Stars

From making the appointment to walking in the door to the hygienist to the dentist and assistant, it is the perfect care and dental experience!

Jerry Hess                             8-2-2013                               5 Stars

I have had numerous procedures over the past few months and have been completely satisfied with all aspects of my visits. The staff is superb and very friendly. Nobody likes to visit the dentist but in this case I have to say it was a pleasent surprise and would highly recommend them to anyone needing a dentist.

Nadia Heirdary                    7-29-2013                             5 Stars

My Daughter was scared of her having her teeth cleaned, but Heather the hygienist was so sweet. my daughter loved her appointment. Dr. Nosrati’s staffs are very professional and knowledgable. i would strongly recommend them to all my friends.

Carol Josephson                 7-26-2013                             5 Stars

My visit to the dentist the orher day Was extremely pleasant and professional. I just wish prices had not gone up so much

Leila Meamar                       7-19-2013                             5 Stars

my recent visit to New Image dentistry was great. I was impressed with the stuff as well as the up grade equipment. the doctor was very sweet and professional and explained every step of the work. I was very pleased with my visit and I will recommend the New Image dentistry to all my friends.

Joan Jorenblit                      7-17-2013                             5 Stars

Excellent visit!

Tyler Hester                          7-15-2013                             5 Stars

I’ve always had quick and friendly service. The office is well-kept and well-staffed.

Daniel Heirday                     7-11-2013                             5 Stars

My son had so much fun in his first appointment with Heather the hygienist. She was so professional and sweet to my son. At first he resisted to have his teeth cleaned , but Heather the hygienist convinced him easily. We all enjoyed our cleaning appointment in New Image Dentistry. Dr. Nosrati’s staffs are very warm and friendly made us feel part of their family. I strongly recommend this practice to my friends and family.

Shaden Binmorebah          7-10-2013                             5 Stars

I have been looking for a good Dentist for a while. After researching for a while, I landed at Dr Miriam clinic.I m super excited to write good reviews about her . I would like to focus on the key points: her clinic is clean and friendly,she has modern technology equipments for examination and she was very thorough and meticulous(No pain at all). She is an is amazing doctor 🙂

Seyed Shobeiri                    7-4-2013                               5 Stars

Always friendly and competent care. Thank you.

Steve Momtazzadeh           7-1-2013                               5 Stars

My visit to my dentist was very pleasant, delightful and friendly and I want to thank the staff for just a professional attitude. Header perform her service with care and great attitude

Michelle Fennell                  7-1-2013                               5 Stars

The doctor and staff are on top of their game, they do everything they can to make each appointment as comfortable as possible!

Janice Hackett                     6-27-2013                             5 Stars

Dr Nostrati is a great dentist for your family and very knowledgeable. She is one of the few people I would recommend to my own friends and family. She will give you a great smile and with reasonable rates. Michelle, her office manager is the best and very personable. The entire office staff is always pleasant and friendly. Go see her now!

Candice Brook                     6-20-2013             5 Stars

All the people that work at the dentist office are great. That are fun to be around. They make going to the dentist office fun and they are pretty much pain free. Love all the ones I have had working on me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great dentist.

Kamron Vanatta                   6-18-2013                             5 Stars

Dr. Nosrati and her staff had my son in to get started less than 5 min’s after arrival. After initial exam,, she cleaned and restored 2 fillings that were coming apart and were in bad need to help. She removed existing fillings, replaced with white, more natural fillings, and had us ready to go in less than an hour. And the best part!? She eliminated my son’s toothache the day we went for his visit, and he hasn’t experienced pain since! The Dr. also found a specialized dentist for us who deal with children who are autistic, made the call and referral right then, and gave us name/phone to get someone who can take on the huge task of an autistic child!