Crafting Healthy Smiles, One Appointment At A Time.

Dr. Miriam Nosrati, DDS

Dr. Miriam Nosrati, DDS is a dedicated dentist with over a decade of experience, known for her surgical precision and patient-focused care. Her journey into dentistry began with extensive surgical training during a VA hospital residency. Since earning her DDS degree in 2004, she has continued to enhance her skills through hands-on surgical training, specializing in implantology, bone grafting, cosmetics, and practice management. Dr. Nosrati's commitment to excellence ensures that she provides the highest level of dental expertise and care. Beyond the dental field, she finds inspiration in family, literature, culinary adventures, and global exploration. Dentistry is not just a profession for Dr. Nosrati; it's her calling. She takes pride in guiding patients toward dental health and helping them achieve the radiant smiles they deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create confident, healthy smiles through exceptional dental care. We combine precision, compassion, and innovation to enhance oral health and well-being.

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