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Expert Dental Solutions Tailored to You

Trust in our skilled team to provide personalized dental solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Sustainable, Long-Lasting Dental Solutions

Revel in the enduring benefits of our dental treatments, ensuring your happy expression stays beautiful for years to come.

Comfortable, Pain-Free Dental Care

Enjoy dental care with minimal discomfort and quick recovery, ensuring you smile through every step of the process.

Boosted Confidence with a Dazzling Smile

Experience newfound confidence as your smile transforms into a radiant, head-turning asset.

Dental Implants- Smile Confidently with Dental Implants

Renew your smile's strength and beauty with our expert dental implant procedures. Eat, speak, and smile with confidence, thanks to our durable and long-lasting tooth replacement solutions.


  • Renew your smile's strength and beauty.
  • Eat, speak, and smile with confidence.
  • Durable, long-lasting tooth replacement.
  • Expert implant procedures.

Gum Laser Therapy

Experience state-of-the-art laser treatment with minimal invasiveness and effective results. Quick recovery and minimal discomfort help you reclaim your oral health, smiling confidently.


  • Minimally invasive gum treatment
  • Precise and effective
  • Speedy recovery
  • Improved gum health

Cosmetic Gum Surgeries

Experience expert gum contouring with our cosmetic gum surgery. Enhance aesthetics and symmetry to smile confidently, all with our artistic touch.


  • Sculpt your perfect smile.
  • Expert gum contouring.
  • Enhance aesthetics and symmetry.
  • Smile confidently.
  • Trust our artistic touch.

Periodontal Therapy (Gum Disease Therapy)

Our expert gum disease treatment offers personalized care plans to preserve your oral health. Say goodbye to gum problems and trust our gentle touch.


  • Gum disease treatment
  • Preserves oral health
  • Prevents complications
  • Expert gum care

Soft Tissue Laser Treatments for periodontal disease

Soft Tissue AMD Laser treatment is a cutting-edge solution for treating gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. This advanced procedure utilizes a specialized dental laser to target and eliminate bacteria causing the disease. Unlike traditional methods, Soft Tissue AMD Laser treatment is minimally invasive and provides effective results, restoring gum health and preventing further damage. Say goodbye to uncomfortable procedures and hello to a pain-free, precise treatment option for gum disease.

  • Soft Tissue AMD Laser treatment: It is for the treatment of gum disease/periodontal disease

In-Office Tooth Whitening - Quick and Effective Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile in no time with our expert in-office tooth whitening. Safe, effective, and long-lasting results reveal your brilliant smile, radiating confidence.


  • Brighten your smile in no time.
  • Expert teeth whitening.
  • Safe, effective, and long-lasting.
  • Reveal your brilliant smile.
  • Radiate confidence.



We also Provide following Services

Oral sedation

Nitrous oxide

Oral Cancer screening

Music for soothing anxious patients


Dear Dr. Nosrati
Thank you so much for giving me that additional help with my mouth guard, those can be pricey! Thank you and your team for taking care of me and my teeth!

Wes Haddox

So far I have had one extraction, one crown, now the first phase of implant without any pain or complication. I feel Dr. Nosrati is highly experienced and knows what she is doing. I recommend her without any reservation.

Mohamad Saaf

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